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March 2019


Baccarat Chemin de Fer Policies and Method

Punto Banco Codes
Baccarat is bet on with 8 decks in a shoe. Cards below 10 are worth their printed number while 10, J, Q, K are zero, and A is 1. Wagers are made on the ‘banker’, the ‘player’, or on a tie (these aren’t actual people; they simply represent the 2 hands that are [...]


Baccarat – the Royal Game … exceptional Odds

[ English ]

[ English ]Baccarat, the royal game, was initially played just by the well-off European upper classes from the 15th century onwards.
Still, today, there is an air of individuality about it, although more … more individuals are declaring it as on-line gaming grows more … more famous.
Baccarat enthusiasts are often seen wearing black tie dress, and [...]